Hi, I’m Jonathan Andrew, a Technology Director from England.

I currently head up the technology team for three unique agencies within The Hive Group. Over the past four years, my focuses have been building a passionate and talented team, refining and implementing development processes and driving forward digital innovation within the healthcare space, for the world's largest pharma companies.

#CompanionApps #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #HealthKit #Gamification #ExperienceDesign #BehaviourChange #HTML5 #JavaScript #NodeJS #GruntJS #iOS #Android #Python

Due to NDAs, I'm unable to show any work from the last 4 years, and the work on display represents a fraction of my efforts.

Activision DJ Hero 2

To accompany the launch of the sequal to the hit game DJ Hero, MTV in association with Activision launched a Flash microsite complete with competition, demo game, and video trailers.

  • Flash ActionScript 3
  • JavaScript

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Sony Ericsson
Mobile World Congress

This campaign site for Sony Ericsson abley supported and promoted their presence at the Mobile World Congress. The site is an immersive flash experience and makes use of Papervision 3D and the Gaia framework.

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Nickelodeon HOP

Available in 13 different languages, this campaign site for the hit Nickelodeon film HOP offers an engaging and entertaining browsing experience, and features trailers, downloads and a very addicting game complete with dynamic score board. Which team will you pick? Chicks or Bunnies?

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Sony Ericsson
Xperia™ arc in business

The Xperia™ arc is Sony Ericssons flagship phone for business professionals. The build features a custom made JavaScript carousel, enterprise level markup and is compatible all the way down to IE5.5.

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Putney Hill

This multi-award winning social campaign site for A2Dominions Putney Hill housing development takes full advatange of the Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook APIs, integrating live data with a very slick map / single page interface.

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Sony Ericsson
eCommerce - Buy Online

Sony Ericsson have recently introduced an eCommerce system to their global dotCom. I was responsible for the front-end development.

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Christmas Leftover

This Christmas themed, big-brother style, horizontally scrolling, vote off campaign site, gave a fun and interactive experience.

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Yamaha Racing

Yamaha Racing wanted to refresh the look of their existing site by skinning the Tridion CMS system, I oversaw all technical aspects on what was and wasn't possible given the restrictions of the CMS and existing template structure.

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FIFA Wildcard (FIWC)

A collaborative effort for MTV and FIFA. This flash microsite supports the FIFA Interactive Wildcard Competition, a hugely popular global event in which thousands of gamers take part. The site, localised for 3 languages, included video trailers, social functionality, subtle animations and a comptetition form.

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3Italy VoD

This skinnable video on demand service is a robust JavaScript application.

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Sony Ericsson
MWC - Mobile Site

This is the mobile version of Sony Ericssons 2010 Mobile World Congress campaign site.

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Lazaro the Love Guru

A promotional campaign to celebrate the launch of the new WeLove... website. With sprite animations aplenty, Lazaro uses a combination of JavaScript, Python (Django) and the Google Search API to determine the love felt for any given being or object.

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L'Oreal - Vichy
Online Skin Consultation

This microsite for L'Oreal's sub-brand Vichy brings the skin consultation experience to your screen through a slick Flash interface which determines the users skin type, and presents them with a customized prescription as to which products are best suited to their skin, as well as locating their nearest Vichy stockests thanks to seemless integration with the existing backend framework.

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Dripping in Fat

This hugely popular t-shirt shop powered by Magento has won numerous awards for the immersive experience it provides, and has been featured several times on Smashing Magazine and various other design blogs. Javascript, XHTML, PHP and Flash are heavily used in this build.

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Birthday Campaign

The essence of WeLove... captured in this video and single page website. The whole project concepted, filmed, edited, designed and built in a week.

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Hello, I'm Jonathan

If you haven't already guessed what I do, I'm an interface development specialist, and all round web developer. I head up the dev team at a digital agency in Soho, London.

I've been building fragments of the internet for over a decade, and relish adopting new technologies as they emerge. I have freelance, in-house and agency experience, and have worked on and been tech lead on projects for some of the world's leading brands.

  • Core Skills
  • CSS / LESS
  • OO JavaScript / jQuery
  • Backbone.js / KnockOut.js
  • PhoneGap (Cordova) / Titanium
  • Flash AS2/AS3
  • PHP / MySQL / Python / Node.js
  • Drupal / Wordpress / Magento
  • Key Clients
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Yamaha
  • MTV / VIVA
  • FIFA
  • L'Oreal
  • OnDemandGroup
  • Sony Europe
  • Electronic Arts
  • Activision

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